If The Mosquitoes Always Go Straight For You, Here’s What To Do!

Summer is the best time of the year for many, as the usual outdoor activities always come with it. However, with the first hot day outside, we are immediately reminded that the extremely infamous mosquitoes always arrive alongside the heat, also come the highly notorious mosquitoes.

And, only by thinking about the things that these nasty little creatures did to me last summer and the mere speech about them brought tons of awful memories. Itchy skin, bug spray, allergies, etc. They just know what they need to do to ruin the summer and the warm weather for us! And they do a perfectly good job at it! What we decided to find out in today’s article is why they tend to bite some people, more than others?

Why am I a mosquito magnet?

If every time you go outside for a walk or some kind of activity you come back with tons of itchy spots on your skin consider some of these causes that make you a mosquito magnet:

  • You are an athlete:

If you tend to actively workout or do some kind of a healthy activity for your body remember that it comes with its downsides. One of them is the fact that mosquitoes love the Lactic Acid which is a product of our bodies, we produce this acid after each and every workout!

  • You Need To Shower:

Sweat is smelling bad, but just for us. This is one of the most attractive smells that mosquitoes tend to love. And the breeds that tend to carry malaria like it even more! The bacteria in your old sweat emits a sweet scent to mosquitoes. This is the reason why they love it so much! Remember to take a shower often in the summer and eliminate the sweet smelling soaps and shampoos from your shelves.

  • You Are Pregnant:

There is increased emission of CO2 from pregnant women and this is also attractive for mosquitoes. 

  • You ave Been Drinking:

Liquor tends to up your digestion,and in that way it increases the production of CO2 — which in fact attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes seem to have a preference though. They really like beer.

  • You’re Wearing Dark Or Bright Clothes:

Softer and lighter colors of apparel are a great disguise that can hide your from the eyes of the mosquitoes, and bright and dark colors attract them!

  • You have type O blood:

In fact, these small nasty insects actually have a preference in blood. They love to suck type O blood and it’s proven that it’s twice as attractive when compared to other types.

How do I keep them away from me?

If you’d like to draw mosquitoes away from you, you can try and avoid doing or wearing things that might attract them. So, one of the more obvious ways of doing this is to rid your backyard or garden from stagnant water. And another one would be to trim your grass in the garden properly.