How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed

There’s an old saying that goes, “If life throws you the lemons, then make the lemonade out of them.” But what could happen if you don’t have to buy the lemons, and you could grow them yourself? Does that imply unlimited quantity of fresh lemons and lemonade, whenever you want? Can that really happen?

Of course, it can, that is why in this article we are able to show you the way you may try this, grow a lemon tree all by yourself in your home, and you only need to use the lemon seed. Let us first show you a few of the lemon advantages, with the intention to make you even want to grow the lemon tree even more!

Lemon Health Advantages

Even although that every time you want to take a snack, you would almost never go for a lemon, we can’t deny the lemon’s robust health advantages.

They are one of the wealthiest sources of Vitamin C, which offers them the potential to deal with numerous problems and sicknesses, like flu or colds. But it has also been discovered out that the vitamin C also has the ability to deal with more severe problems and sicknesses, like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Additionally, this vitamin is able to lessen the damage achieved by free radicals in our body & prevent inflammation as well.

Also, there are numerous flavonoids included in the lemon that have anticancer and anti-oxidant properties.

Grow a Lemon Tree

You are going to need the following ingredients:

  • Store-Bought Lemon
  • An area with a lot of sun or a Grow Light
  • Breathable Plastic Film
  • Potting Soil
  • Container/Pot


  1. Put the potting soil in the box or the bucket, and mix it with a little bit of water.
  2. Then put the moistened soil within the box you want to plant the tree, and leave only an inch to the pinnacle empty.
  3. Slice a fresh lemon in half, and look for a good sized seed in it.
  4. Wash the seed or suck on it, in order that the flesh gets off of it, that way the seed won’t dry out (make sure that it is wet after you plant it).
  5. Then you may dig a small hole about half an inch deep in the soil, and placed the lemon seed inside it and cover it. You need to water it with a squirt bottle.
  6. Now you may cover the box with a breathable plastic, which will keep the seed wet and warm, then put the whole container in a warm place in your home. Make sure that the seed is neither damp or too moist, due to the fact in both instances it will dry out, maintain a balance.
  7. You may cast off the plastic cover once you’ve got noticed that from that are where you planted the seed, it started to sprout, in order to appear after one or two weeks after the planting.
  8. Once you have got removed the plastic cowl put the box in a warm place, that is constantly uncovered to the direct sunlight.

Caring For Your Plant:

  1. Try to keep the soil moist all of the time, it desires water the most when the lemon tree is young. Don’t water it too much although, and make sure that there are drainage holes in the container.
  2. The lemon tree will need at least eight hours to be uncovered to the daylight on an everyday basis, so placed it in a place where it may get the proper amount of daylight.
  3. Also, this is like any other plant, so don’t forget about to put fertilizer as soon as it is in need of it.
  4. Once the tree is too large for the container, you may either put it for your backyard or transplant it in a larger container, also it’ll be a lovely decoration to put it to your balcony if you are living in an apartment.

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